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Keychain Aviation Altimeter

Keychain Altimeter | Keychain for Pilots | Gift for Pilots | Aviation Keychain | Aviation accessories | Gift for aviation enthusiasts | Accessories for pilots | Aviation jewelry | Altimeter

Producer: i-am-pilot
Warranty: 24 months
Code: key-avi-alt
Availability: in stock
25.50 pcs
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Keychain inspired by an aviation altimeter not only for pilots and flying enthusiasts with a 3D effect

An unconventional fashion accessory will delight aircraft lovers in particular. The keychain inspired by an aviation altimeter will be a faithful companion not only to those who fly very often, but also to those who admire these majestic machines from afar. If you know someone like that, you will definitely not reach, for this gift keychain when choosing a gift, next door.

We sell only the highest quality products with the lowest price guarantee so that we can please every aviation fan.

  • Product Type: Keychain
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Symbol: Altimeter
  • Material: Metal, glass lens (3D effect)
  • Color: Silver, black, white text and symbols
  • Size: One size, 2.5 cm ring diameter, 2.7 cm pendant diameter
  • Style: Trendy


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